We want to make sure your pool is enjoyable to you and your friends and family. Enjoy the extra time off on your weekend when you'd normally have to take care of maintaining your pool. In need of pool repair or renovation? Consult with one of our experts to see what choices are best for you.

iPool Cleaning | Pool Maintenance, Repairs, and Renovations | Bikini

Our Services


• Removing Debris from Pool and Spa

• Skim Surface of Pool and Spa

• Brush All Pool and Spa Surfaces

• Test Water for Complete Chemical Balance

• Add Chemicals as Needed

• Backwash Pool and Spa Filter as Needed

• Inspect Pool, Pump, and Filter


• Check for Leaks and Cracks

• Repairing Worn Areas

• Patching Vinyl Liners

• Check for Broken Underground Lines


• Fixing Smaller Issues like Chips

• We Also Fix Pumps, Heaters, Timers,

Salt Chlorinators, Filters, Automatic Cleaners, and More


• Total Pool Resurfacing

• Re-Tiling of Borders and Interior

• We Work with Both Glass and Ceramic

• Pool Paving and Coping

• We Always Check Lights, Transformers,

and Junction Boxes and Make Sure

they're Up to City Code